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Why the Commissioning Agent Should Perform System Pre-Functional Checks

A man in a hard hat standing in front of an electrical breaker box

Have you ever wondered why the commissioning checklist is so important for your construction projects? Did you know that having the Commissioning Authority (CxA) complete the checklist adds tremendous value to your project? Pre-functional checklists are completed to verify the proper installation of new or relocated HVAC equipment as per typical industry practices. Their primary…

The Importance of Management Skills in a Commissioning Team

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Why does your commissioning consultant need those so-called soft skills in management and interpersonal communication? Commissioning a new or existing building is complex, and doing it right requires a variety of skills, such as obtaining, organizing, verifying and communicating a large amount of information, and collaborating with different parties. It involves coordinating with building owners,…

Why the construction industry needs commissioning?

Three generations of Frasiers at work in the family business

In 1998, one of my clients told me he was hiring companies to commission his mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. I wondered why there was a need for these services on construction projects. You see, I grew up in the mechanical trades as a fourth generation contractor. From a very young age, I was taught…