Third-Party Commissioning Services

Commissioning the Cornerstone Way

We commission a little differently than other firms, which is why building owners choose us to verify that their high-performance facilities function to their full potential.

To learn more about how we work, watch this video. Then, if you have a project for which you need commissioning, contact us to see how we can help you get the most from the process.

At Cornerstone, we are here to be your most trusted resource, verifying your building’s optimal performance.

Backed by our far-reaching industry experience and noteworthy expertise, Cornerstone’s approach includes assessing the specific needs of each project.

By doing so, we provide optimal project delivery solutions, tailor-fit for you.

Timing – When to Hire Cornerstone

Starting early with Cornerstone not only verifies the highest ROI, but that you get the building you want.

By engaging Cornerstone during the design phase of your new construction or renovation projects, we can glean the most valuable insights shared during envisioning and planning.

We leverage the knowledge gained in the early phases of the process to assist owners in making informed decisions as to, for instance, the size of mechanical and electrical systems. Correctly navigating the decision process during design often greatly reduces the operating costs of the building.

Benefits of Commissioning

Building commissioning services provide a multitude of benefits to construction projects, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of building systems. Here’s a closer look at the key benefits of commissioning:

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the primary advantages is increased energy efficiency. By verifying that all systems are designed, installed, and operating correctly, commissioning helps minimize energy waste and optimize performance. This reduces operational costs while supporting environmental sustainability by lowering the building’s carbon footprint.

Early Issue Detection

Another critical benefit of commissioning is the early detection and resolution of issues. Commissioning services involve thorough testing and inspections, which can identify potential problems before they become costly delays or necessitate rework. This proactive approach verifies that the project remains on schedule and within budget, reducing the risk of unexpected expenses and downtime.

Regulatory Compliance

Commissioning also verifies compliance with safety and regulatory standards. It enhances the safety and reliability of the building by confirming that all systems meet the required codes and guidelines. Laboratory commissioning is particularly important for complex facilities such as labs and healthcare buildings, where system failures can have significant consequences.

Enhanced Occupancy Comfort

Improved occupant comfort and satisfaction are additional benefits of building commissioning. Properly commissioned systems provide better indoor air quality, consistent temperature control, and improved environmental conditions. This leads to a more comfortable and productive environment for building occupants. Moreover, commissioning services include comprehensive documentation and training for facility staff, so they are well-equipped to maintain and operate the building systems efficiently.

Commissioning services play a vital role in delivering high-performing, efficient, and reliable buildings that meet the needs of both owners and occupants. By investing in commissioning, project stakeholders can enjoy long-term benefits and reduced operational costs, while supporting sustainability and safety objectives.

Cornerstone stands out in the field of third-party commissioning by offering unparalleled expertise and a dedicated, personable team. Our vision as a premier commissioning firm is to be the first choice for clients requiring the best in high-performance facilities. We are committed to transforming the delivery of these facilities, guided by our core values of honor and respect for our employees, clients, and the industries we serve.

The Cornerstone Commissioning Process

Throughout the design, construction, acceptance and warranty phases of a project, Cornerstone’s hands-on approach is dedicated to every last detail.

That’s why Cornerstone consistently delivers finished projects that are maximized for safe and comfortable operation, efficient and cost-effective performance, and compliance with requirements.

Cornerstone’s approach to commissioning has proven to transform the delivery of fully functional facilities. Testimonials by project team members confirm that Cornerstone’s methodologies of commissioning mission critical facilities deliver facilities sooner and more effectively.

Program and Design Phase

Program & Design Phase

Cornerstone’s early involvement enables rapid assessment and adjustment of planned systems, which can lower costs and increase functionality.

Construction Phase

Through a well-coordinated balance of checklists and hands-on verification, Cornerstone makes sure the right systems are delivered and installed correctly. Efficient, ongoing testing helps keep schedules on track, reducing challenges.

Acceptance Phase

When systems are well prepared for testing, Cornerstone challenges them with real or simulated scenarios to discover and solve problems before occupancy and results in a better understanding of how your building works.

Post-Acceptance Phase

Cornerstone’s turnover orientation & documentation process provide your staff with the knowledge to operate your building and maintain peak performance.