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Commissioning & Annual Performance Verifications

Do you know how your biocontainment facility is performing? Learn how Cornerstone’s comprehensive approach to facility performance can help you understand your facility. During this webinar we will discuss our whole facility approach to annual performance verification for biocontainment facilities, from planning through verification. Learn how to use a risk-based approach to navigate the gray areas between the various guidelines and how a whole facility approach helps you better understand and optimize the performance of your facility.

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Register for one of our two webinar dates (same presentation) below to learn more about approach to annual performance verification for biocontainment facilities, presented by our experts at Cornerstone Commissioning: Dan Frasier, Dan Cook, and Alex Taylor.

Friday, May 19th

Friday, May 26th

9am PT, 11am CT, noon ET
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9am PT, 11am CT, noon ET
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Dan Cook

Dan Frasier, Paul Jennette & Dan Cook Speaking at Eagleson Institute in Sanford, Maine

Verifying BSL3 Facility Performance

September 15, 2022 – September 16, 2022

This two-day course focuses on the important considerations when commissioning and verifying the performance of ABSL3 and BSL3 laboratories. Participants spend one day in the classroom and a day in Eagleson’s training laboratory in hands-on workshops practicing the tests required to verify lab performance.

Brian Billman
Dan Cook

Brian Billman & Dan Cook Speaking at the 2022 BCxA Annual Conference in Glendale, AZ

Increasing Effectiveness of Pre-Functional Checklist

September 22, 2022

Brian Billman, PE, LEED AP, CCP and Dan Cook, LEED AP ‘s presentation will focus on Cornerstone’s approach to completing Pre-Functional Checklists as the Commissioning Provider rather than have the installing Contractors complete the checklists, which is customary for most of the industry. This has been a game changer for Cornerstone and our clients in improving the turnover process of fully functional facilities for the last 20+ years. We hope to see you at the conference in person or remotely! Check out the link below for additional information.

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What It looks like when a national commissioning firm streamlines it’s project workflow

May 13, 2022