White Papers

The Importance of High-Quality Documentation in Commissioning

This white paper describes the importance of high-quality documentation, and highlights important aspects of the specifications that helps the commissioning and closeout team ensure the building systems are performing accurately and efficiently. The information in this white paper is based on the author’s experience with multiple projects, particularly the Dartmouth College Class of 1978 Life Science Center (LSC).

Transitioning Building Operations with a Soft Landing

Many construction and retrofit projects start with high hopes by all parties involved. But once the project is completed, it fails to meet performance expectations and is harder to operate than envisioned. This is frustrating for most team players, especially the owner. A soft landing approach transfers building operations successfully. This white paper provides an introduction to the concept of soft landing, the roles involved in the process, and how it helps in a successful transition.

Streamlining the Vivarium Facility Performance Verification Process

Performance verification in vivariums requires specialized technical skills, and that is why commissioning agents are hired to perform these assessments. This paper explores how the commissioning agent can verify the operation of the vivarium and address any deficiencies without disrupting the regular activities of the researchers and staff through building collaborative relationships with all parties, who are focused on one goal—a vivarium that is operating safely for people and animals.