Lewis Gathering House

Alnoba Leadership Training Center
Kensington, NH

Alnoba, set on 400 protected acres of wilderness, was built to be the first Passive House of its type in New England. Established as a meeting and retreat center, the facility includes a 2,400-square foot main room, as well as teaching and meditation rooms, offices and a fully functional kitchen. The building shell is highly insulated to adhere to Passive House standards, with 12- to 14-inch thick walls and triple-pane, thermally-insulated German windows. Radiant floor heating exists in 75% of the public spaces.

Cornerstone was part of the team that helped bring the owner’s vision for this superbly energy efficient structure to life. Among the systems that Cornerstone commissioned were: two pairs of ground-source, water-to-water heat pumps providing hot and chilled water for the heating and cooling plants, as well as one additional smaller heat pump for domestic hot water; seven cooling fan coil units; four HRVs; and one large ERV that provides fresh air to the building.