Biosafety Level 3 Small Labs

Varied throughout US

    • Biocontainment
    • Commissioning of Numerous Small BSL-3 Labs

Cornerstone understands the unique requirements associated with biocontainment laboratory commissioning and has successfully delivered more than 100 BSL-3 projects for a wide variety of clients.

Typical Scope of Work

  • Biocontainment Advisory for Engineering and Administrative Controls
  • Review Owner’s Project Requirements and Risk Assessment
  • Biosafety-Focused Design Review and Meetings
  • Generation of Design Intent Document
  • Assist in the Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Develop Testing Methodology for BSL3 Labs within Existing Occupied Facilities
  • Train Contractors on Highest Priority Facility Features
  • Complete Pre-Functional and Functional Performance Testing Protocols
  • Coordinate and Direct Commissioning Activities
  • Recommend Facility for Acceptance by the Owner
  • Coordinate Owner Training for an Effective Turnover
  • Included Modular Facilities
–   Aberdeen Proving Grounds (US Army) –   Oregon Health & Science University
–   American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) –   Pennsylvania State University
–   Brooks Air Force Base –   Biopolis Singapore (Biomedical R&D)
–   Case Western Reserve University –   Steris, Inc.
–   Cornell University –   State University of NY, Stony Brook
–   Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center –   Tufts University
–   Department of Homeland Security –   University of California –  Davis
–   DOD – Defense Threat Reduction Agency –   University of Georgia – Athens
–   Indiana State Department of Health –   University of Louisville
–   Iowa State University –   University of Massachusetts – Amherst
–   Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) –   University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
–   Medical University of South Carolina –   University of Vermont
–   National Institute of Public Health –   US Department of Agriculture
–   New Jersey Department of Public Health –   Vaccine Gene Therapy Institute