Larry Battis

Senior Commissioning Specialist
Larry Battis

Larry possesses vast experience in building control system programming, commissioning and trouble-shooting. Before joining Cornerstone in 2010, he worked in Dartmouth College’s controls shop for more than 35 years, directing control retrofits on many projects. There, he developed a valuable hands-on approach to commissioning, as well as the ability to streamline the project completion process. Larry’s strong background in both building operations and maintenance is a tremendous asset in owner training and preparing facilities for smooth turnover.

Blog Articles

Commonsense Commissioning

Recently Cornerstone received a compliment from a contractor, who said, “[I] enjoyed working with Cornerstone…  It is nice to see commissioning agents that use commonsense.” Is commonsense commissioning that rare in the construction industry? Possibly so. Yet practical approaches are often welcomed, which is one of the reasons why Cornerstone likes to simplify complex things….