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Brian Adams, CEM

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The Importance of the Building Enclosure During the Design Process

Exterior of building enclosure during construction

Today’s building enclosures can make an attractive architectural statement with extensive glazed atria exposed to the outside, glass curtain walls and occupant-centric work spaces. But these building enclosures can also pose significant challenges – after all, they form the primary defense against the elements. Air, water and thermal barriers must be continuous and properly placed…

Commissioning Best Practices During the Turnover Phase

A person signing documents

Recently I wrote a blog discussing commissioning best practices during the construction phase: Article. That post discussed secrets to a successful commissioning kickoff meeting, self-performing commissioning documentation, effective issue resolution and developing customized Functional Performance Testing (FPT) documentation. A commissioning authority’s work is not complete until successful building turnover is achieved. This post will discuss…

Why Contractors Should not Complete Commissioning Checklists

A man in a hard hat standing in front of an electrical breaker box

My last blog covered commissioning best practices during the construction phase, including recommendations for the kickoff meeting, deficiency log, and functional performance tests. I also wrote about why the commissioning authority (CxA) should be the one completing commissioning documentation, not contractors. I’ll elaborate on that topic here – it’s a critical one that sets Cornerstone…

Commissioning Best Practices During the Construction Phase

A worker standing on a ladder and working on a heating unit

Recently, I wrote a blog discussing communication during the commissioning process. That post discussed effective means of communication, how to stay well informed of project updates, and the importance of developing a rapport with all parties. Writing the piece made me think about the best practices a commissioning authority (CxA) can integrate into every stage…

The Importance of Communication During the Commissioning Process

Two workers in hard hats discussing something on a laptop

As a commissioning authority, it’s my responsibility to ensure that building systems perform interactively according to the owner’s functional, operational and performance requirements. A lot of technical skills are embedded in that responsibility, but there’s a soft skill that’s just as important to the commissioning process: communication. Set expectations and explain your role. Commissioning kickoff…