Expertise and Areas of Focus

Cornerstone’s Biosafety and Biocontainment expertise extends to university labs, government facilities, life science research environments, diagnostic labs, modular labs, veterinary medical research facilities and more.

We always begin with a Risk Assessment, no matter if it is an existing, operating facility or a new facility in design. Decisions about the design, operation or use of a biocontainment facility must always be made through the lens of a well-documented Risk Assessment.

Cornerstone’s experience on over 250 ABSL-3 and BSL-3 laboratories has given us the ability to coach facility owners and biocontainment project teams to make sound decisions through all phases of biocontainment commissioning and construction projects.

Our Typical Scope of Work for Biocontainment Commissioning:

  • Biocontainment Advisory for Engineering and Administrative Controls
  • Review Owner’s Project Requirements and Risk Assessment
  • Biosafety-focused Design Review and Meetings
  • Generation of Design Intent Document
  • Assist in the Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Develop Testing Methodology for BSL3 Labs within Existing Occupied Facilities
  • Train Contractors on Highest Priority Facility Features
  • Complete Pre-Functional and Functional Performance Testing Protocols
  • Coordinate and Direct Commissioning Activities
  • Recommend Facility for Acceptance by the Owner
  • Coordinate Owner Training for an Effective Turnover
  • BSL3 Annual Performance Verifications (APV’s)